Colorado Hunting Season 2024: Dates & Guidelines

Did you know that hunting in Colorado contributes over $1 billion annually to the state’s economy?

Colorado is renowned for its vast and diverse hunting opportunities, attracting hunters from across the country. The state offers a rich variety of big game species, including deer and elk, making it a premier destination for hunters seeking adventure and challenge in the great outdoors.

In this article, we will explore the Colorado Hunting Season for 2024, highlighting the dates, guidelines, and regulations that hunters need to know. Whether you are a resident or a nonresident hunter, understanding the season schedules, obtaining the necessary licenses, and familiarizing yourself with the regulations are essential for a successful and enjoyable hunting experience.

High Country Deer Season

The high country deer season in Colorado offers hunters a unique opportunity to experience the thrill of deer hunting in the wilderness. This limited 9-day antlered deer season takes place in the high country or wilderness portions of select deer units, providing a challenging and rewarding hunting experience.

For 2024, the high country deer season is scheduled to take place from September 7th to September 15th. The season dates may vary each year, opening on either the first Saturday of September or the second Saturday of September to avoid conflicting with the Labor Day weekend.

This season offers:

  • A limited hunting period of 9 days
  • The opportunity to hunt in the high country or wilderness areas
  • A challenging hunting environment
High Country Deer Season
High Country Deer SeasonDate
2024 SeasonSeptember 7th to September 15th

Hunters participating in the high country deer season must adhere to all Colorado hunting regulations and licensing requirements. It is essential to obtain the necessary hunting licenses and tags, familiarize yourself with the specific deer units included in the season, and understand any additional restrictions or guidelines set by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission.

Embarking on a high country deer hunt in Colorado is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of the wilderness while testing your skills as a hunter. Whether you are an experienced hunter seeking a new challenge or a newcomer to the sport, the high country deer season provides an unforgettable hunting experience in the backcountry of Colorado.

Plains Deer Seasons

The plains deer seasons in Colorado are designed to accommodate the unique geography and land ownership patterns of the eastern part of the state. These seasons offer hunters the opportunity to pursue deer in the open and agricultural landscapes of eastern Colorado.

The archery season for plains deer runs from October 1st to December 31st, providing ample time for hunters to enjoy their sport. To avoid overlap with rifle seasons, there may be potential splits in the archery season dates. This ensures that hunters have the best possible experience and opportunities to harvest deer.

For those who prefer alternative hunting methods, there are specific muzzleloader and rifle seasons for plains deer. These seasons have their own designated date ranges and are limited to either-sex or antlered deer hunting. Whether hunters choose archery, muzzleloader, or rifle seasons, they can expect exciting and rewarding hunting experiences in the plains of eastern Colorado.

The Plains Deer Seasons at a Glance:

SeasonDate RangeHunting MethodEligible Deer
Archery SeasonOctober 1st – December 31stArcheryEither-sex or antlered deer
Muzzleloader SeasonDate variesMuzzleloaderEither-sex or antlered deer
Rifle SeasonDate variesRifleEither-sex or antlered deer

These plains deer seasons provide hunters with diverse opportunities and flexibility to plan their hunting adventures in eastern Colorado. Whether you’re drawn to the challenge of archery hunting or prefer the power of a rifle, the plains of Colorado offer a rich and rewarding deer hunting experience.

Plains Elk Seasons

The plains elk seasons in Colorado provide ample opportunities for hunters to pursue elk in the eastern part of the state. With specific archery, muzzleloader, and rifle seasons, hunters can choose the method that suits their preferences and skills. Whether you prefer the challenge of archery hunting or the precision of muzzleloader or rifle hunting, there is a season tailored to your needs.

The archery season for plains elk is held annually, running from September 2nd to September 30th, giving hunters a 29-day window to plan their elk hunting adventures. This extended season allows for flexibility and increases the chances of a successful hunt. During this period, hunters can immerse themselves in the natural beauty of eastern Colorado and experience the thrill of close-range encounters with elk.

Muzzleloader season for plains elk aligns with the general muzzleloader seasons west of I-25. It opens on the second Saturday of September and runs for 9 days. This season appeals to hunters who enjoy the challenge and historical aspect of using muzzleloading firearms. It offers a unique hunting experience and a chance to test one’s skills in a restricted time frame.

Rifle season for plains elk starts on September 1st and runs through January 31st, providing the longest hunting period. This extended season gives hunters the flexibility to plan their hunting trips and allows for a higher probability of success. It also allows for hunting during the later stages of the rut when bulls are more active and vocal, increasing the chances of encountering a trophy elk.

Plains elk hunting in eastern Colorado also offers opportunities for private land hunting. Exploring private land can provide exclusive access to prime elk hunting areas with less hunting pressure. However, it’s essential to obtain the necessary permissions and permits to hunt on private property.

To summarize, the plains elk seasons in Colorado cater to various hunting preferences, providing options for archery, muzzleloader, and rifle hunting. These seasons offer a range of opportunities for both resident and nonresident hunters to pursue elk in the beautiful landscapes of eastern Colorado.

Plains Elk Seasons Overview:

Archery SeasonSeptember 2nd – September 30th29 days
Muzzleloader SeasonSecond Saturday of September (9 days)9 days
Rifle SeasonSeptember 1st – January 31st5 months
Plains Elk Hunting

Wrapping Up Colorado Hunting Season

The Colorado Hunting Season for 2024 offers an array of hunting opportunities in the breathtaking landscapes of the state. Whether you are an experienced hunter or just starting out, Colorado has something to offer for everyone.

With early seasons for deer and elk, hunters can kickstart their hunting season as early as September. The high country deer season provides a thrilling challenge for those seeking the wilderness hunting experience, while the plains deer seasons cater to those who prefer the open and agricultural landscapes of eastern Colorado.

To make the most of Colorado’s hunting opportunities, it is essential to be well-versed in the specific season dates and regulations. Obtaining Colorado hunting tags and licenses is a must, including applying for the draw and purchasing the necessary qualifying license.

For those who may require guidance or prefer hunting with outfitters, Colorado is home to reputable hunting outfitters who can enhance your hunting experience. They offer their expertise and knowledge of the best hunting spots in Colorado, ensuring a successful and memorable hunting trip.

So, whether you choose to hunt on private or public land, Colorado awaits with its abundant hunting opportunities and breathtaking landscapes. Plan your hunting adventure and enjoy the thrill of pursuing big game in one of the best hunting destinations in the country.