Connecticut Hunting Season 2024 Dates & Regulations

Did you know that Connecticut offers a diverse landscape for hunters, ranging from coastal plains to hilly hardwood forests? With such abundant natural resources, Connecticut’s hunting season is highly anticipated by outdoor enthusiasts. As we delve into the Connecticut Hunting Season 2024, we will explore the important dates and regulations that hunters need to know.

The 2024 Hunting and Trapping Guides will be available in limited quantities and shipped to town clerks and outdoor retailers early in 2024. Excitingly, there are no changes to the hunting and trapping regulations for 2024, providing hunters with a familiar framework to plan their season.

One important event to mark on your calendar is the opening of deer lottery permit applications on January 2, 2024. Adult licensed firearms hunters can apply individually or as a group for these prized permits. Additionally, trappers will have the opportunity to submit fisher and gray fox carcasses to the Wildlife Division for research purposes.

Continue reading to discover more about the deer lottery and trapping regulations, special hunting opportunities, hunting resources and licensing, as well as essential tips for a successful hunting season in Connecticut.

Deer Lottery and Trapping Regulations

Are you a licensed firearms hunter eager to secure deer lottery permits for the upcoming hunting season in Connecticut? Starting on January 2, 2024, you can now apply for deer lottery permits online. Whether you prefer to hunt solo or with a group, the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) allows applicants to apply individually or as a group, with a maximum group size of four. Don’t miss this opportunity to increase your chances of hunting success in the designated lottery areas!

When applying for deer lottery permits, applicants have the option to choose up to six areas across Connecticut. Take advantage of this flexibility to explore different hunting locations and maximize your hunting opportunities. Plan strategically by selecting areas known for high deer densities or areas that align with your preferred hunting terrain.

For those who missed out during the initial application period, there’s still hope to secure a permit. Unsold lottery permits will be available for purchase on a first-come, first-serve basis starting on March 15, 2024. Keep an eye on the DEEP website and act swiftly to secure your permit for the desired area before they run out.

While licensed firearms hunters compete for deer lottery permits, trappers play a vital role in wildlife research. As a trapper in Connecticut, you are required to submit fisher and gray fox carcasses to the DEEP Wildlife Division. Your submissions contribute to ongoing research efforts, aiding in the assessment and management of these species. Making these submissions is crucial to maintaining a healthy ecosystem and ensuring the sustainability of trapping activities in the state.

For trappers, the DEEP Wildlife Division provides special arrangements for submission, ensuring a streamlined process. It is essential to follow the trapper submission regulations to ensure your contributions are accurately recorded and utilized in scientific studies.

Deer Lottery and Trapper Submission Regulations Summary:

Important PointsGuidelines
Deer Lottery ApplicationApply online individually or as a group of up to four.
Permit SelectionSelect up to six lottery areas in Connecticut.
March 15, 2024Unsold lottery permits available for purchase.
Trapper SubmissionsSubmit fisher and gray fox carcasses to the DEEP Wildlife Division.
Special ArrangementsTrappers can make special arrangements for submission.
deer hunting

Take a moment to visualize yourself in the heart of Connecticut’s majestic wilderness, surrounded by nature’s beauty, and pursuing your passion for hunting. Embrace the excitement of applying for deer lottery permits and contributing to valuable wildlife research as a trapper, ensuring the longevity of Connecticut’s vibrant ecosystem.

Special Hunting Opportunities

If you’re looking for unique hunting experiences in Connecticut, there are special opportunities available through the Aquarion Water Company and the Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge.

Aquarion Water Company Hunting

The Aquarion Water Company offers special access permits for archery deer hunting in Deer Lottery Area 56. These permits allow hunters to enjoy the thrill of hunting in a designated area while ensuring the conservation and preservation of water resources.

Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge

The Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge, located along the Connecticut coastline, provides diverse hunting opportunities. Hunters can take part in archery deer hunting on certain units, archery turkey hunting on one unit, and waterfowl hunting on three units.

It’s important to note that hunters must have a signed USFWS Hunt Brochure to hunt in these areas, ensuring compliance with regulations and promoting responsible hunting practices.

Hunting Opportunities Summary Table

Archery Deer HuntingDeer Lottery Area 56Aquarion Water Company
Archery Turkey HuntingStewart B. McKinney National Wildlife RefugeSpecific Unit
Waterfowl HuntingStewart B. McKinney National Wildlife RefugeSpecific Units

These special hunting opportunities offer a chance to explore unique landscapes and engage in a variety of hunting experiences. Remember to obtain the necessary permits and comply with all regulations to ensure a safe and enjoyable hunting season.

Hunting Resources and Licensing

When it comes to hunting in Connecticut, it’s essential to stay informed about the necessary resources and licensing. The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) provides a range of services to support hunters, including the convenient Online Outdoor Licensing System. With just a few clicks, you can secure hunting licenses, stamps, and permits at any time, day or night.

If you prefer a more traditional approach, you can also purchase licenses at various outdoor equipment retailers and select town halls. DEEP Wildlife Division offices are open on weekdays, where you can buy licenses in person and get expert advice from knowledgeable staff members.

To enhance your hunting experience and ensure safety in the field, DEEP offers a variety of educational resources. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned hunter, taking hunting safety courses can provide valuable knowledge and skills. These courses cover topics such as firearm safety, proper hunting techniques, and understanding regulations to promote responsible hunting practices.

Additionally, DEEP provides hunting guides and brochures that offer in-depth information on hunting locations, game species, regulations, and important guidelines. These resources can serve as a valuable tool for planning your hunting trips, understanding bag limits, and staying up to date with any changes in hunting regulations.

hunting licenses

Licensing Options and Fees

When purchasing hunting licenses online or in person, you may encounter different options and associated fees. Here’s an overview of the most common licenses and permits available:

Resident Firearms Hunting LicenseAllows residents to hunt small game and deer with firearms.$19
Non-Resident Firearms Hunting LicenseEnables non-residents to hunt small game and deer with firearms.$91
Resident Archery Deer/Small Game LicenseGives residents the privilege to hunt deer and small game with archery equipment.$41
Non-Resident Archery Deer/Small Game LicenseAllows non-residents to hunt deer and small game with archery equipment.$141
Youth Hunting LicenseDesigned specifically for youth hunters aged 12-15, offering a reduced fee and access to various hunting activities.$11
Small Game LicenseAuthorizes hunting of small game species such as rabbits, squirrels, and pheasants.$19

Please note that fees and specific licensing requirements may vary based on residency status, age, and the type of hunting you wish to engage in. For a complete list of licensing options, detailed fees, and regulations, refer to the official DEEP website.

Final Word: Connecticut Hunting Season

Hunting in Connecticut is a thrilling experience that offers a wide range of opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. With its diverse landscape, including coastal plains and hilly hardwood forests, the state provides an ideal habitat for deer, turkey, and small game.

To ensure a safe and legal hunting experience, it is crucial for hunters to familiarize themselves with the regulations and obtain the necessary permits and licenses. The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) provides comprehensive resources and guides to help hunters navigate the process.

By staying updated on hunting changes and utilizing the resources provided by the DEEP, hunters can make the most of the Connecticut hunting season. Remember to follow all regulations, respect the environment, and prioritize safety. Happy hunting!