The Deer Hunters Prayer: A Prayer for All Hunters

The Deer Hunter’s Prayer (Deer Hunters Prayer), a poem that expresses gratitude to the Lord and seeks His protection during deer hunting, is a testament to how religion and hunting are closely intertwined. It is recommended for all hunters to recite this prayer daily before heading out to the field, and it can also be recited during the funerals of fellow hunters who have passed away.

There are many prayers for deer hunting, but the most significant part is showing gratitude to God for his vigilant presence and for giving us the opportunity to take part in the amazing activity of deer hunting. It is only with the blessings of the Lord that we can experience the successes of deer hunting.

The Deer Hunter’s Prayer

As deer hunters venture into the woods this season, it is important to remember the significance of spiritual prayer. Below is a sincere prayer for deer hunters, acknowledging the tremendous opportunity provided by God.

The Deer Hunters Prayer

"Dear lord, to you I pray,
As I set off into the woods this day,
Bless my life and help me to be successful,
Look over me and always be blissful.

Heavenly Father, Grant me the wisdom to overcome all obstacles,
And protect me from those things which I have no control of,
May harvesting a deer be quick and true,
With respect for the animal, with guidance by you,

Keep close lord as I hunt today,
And look over me to keep me safe,
There is no greater god than you,
This hunting season is the proof."

 -  AMEN -

-written by Unknown

When can you say the Deer Hunter’s Prayer?

The deer hunter’s prayer is designed to be said before each hunt to thank God and ask for his blessing. The Lord is addressed in the first verse and repeatedly thereafter to signify his divine all-seeing strength.

The prayer can also be said annually before each hunting season to remind yourself of God’s presence and seek his blessing on a successful and safe hunting year. Printing the deer hunter’s prayer, putting a copy in the deer blinds, or at the hunting camp is a great way to remember the Lord’s presence.

  • Hunting Camps
  • Outdoor Retreats
  • Before and After the Hunt
  • On Sundays
  • Driving to the Hunt
  • In the deer stand
The Deer Hunters Prayer: A Prayer for All Hunters

What is the purpose of the Deer Hunter’s Prayer?

Hunting prayers express gratitude through hunting prayers recognizing that we are under divine guidance. These prayers aim to ensure our safety during hunting and to honor the animals we intend to harvest.

The hunter’s prayer poem hopes for swift and humane harvests of deer that share their lives with us. We commit to using all the meat and view the nourishment from the deer as a symbol of respect and gratitude for the animal’s spirit.

Hunter’s Prayer purposes to consider:

  • Religious reminder
  • Instill faith
  • Comradery at hunting camp
  • Blessing
  • Harvest prayer
  • Safety overwatch
  • Funerals

Here’s a great video of the Deer Hunter’s Prayer

Who is the Hunter’s Prayer designed for?

All hunters, regardless of age, gender, or religion, can recite the respectful deer hunter’s prayer to ask for God’s divine protection.

One reason for practicing archery and marksmanship is to revere the deer and other game animals that may be hunted. Ensuring that arrows and bullets hit their intended target leads to swift and humane harvesting of deer. The importance of respecting animals cannot be emphasized enough in the hunter’s prayer.

deer hunters prayer - large buck in a field

I’m not religious. Can I say the Hunter’s Prayer?

Yes! God accepts all believers, and there’s never a wrong time to say the deer hunter’s prayer. Even if you are not religious, the hunter’s prayer is still for you. Accepting the Lord and asking for his blessing, to look over us, and to bless the hunt is something everyone should hope for.

The Deer Hunters prayer is for everyone, and if hunting in groups, it can be said together to bless all involved. The Lord blessed us hunters with beautiful and bountiful outdoors where we can enjoy deer hunting and give thanks to God simultaneously.

Deer Hunters Prayer FAQ

Who wrote the Deer Hunters Prayer?

An unknown author wrote the Deer Hunters Prayer. It first surfaced in the early 1900s and gained popularity in the hunting community as a poem that could be recited before the hunt to give thanks for the harvest and ask God for his blessing and watch during the hunt.

There are many versions of the Deer Hunter’s Prayer, but they are all similar in the blessings they hope to achieve. Even hunters who aren’t religious can say the prayer as it also fits a general reminder of safety and the importance of respecting the animals of the harvest.

Can the Deer Hunters Prayer / Deer Hunters Poem be said at Funerals?

Prayers for deceased hunters are often recited during funerals. A celebration of life is a time to reflect on the person’s most cherished memories and fondness activities. Deer hunting is often a large part of a hunter’s life, and it makes sense that the Deer Hunter’s Prayer be said at their funeral.

The Deer Hunter’s Prayer can be modified to be more appropriate for funerals, as it is mostly geared towards pre-hunt rituals. However, many of the verses are still applicable, and with a few minor tweaks, it makes a good funeral poem.

Why say a prayer after the kill?

In addition to saying the prayer before a hunt, it can be said after a deer is harvested. This is usually a reflection time, especially if it’s the hunter’s first deer. The prayer gives thanks for the harvest and the ability to spend quality time in the field.

It also focuses on respecting the game being hunted and that no portion will go to waste. The harvest will be quick and painless, and respect will always be given to the deer.

Who is the patron saint of deer hunters?

You may have seen lots of images today of a hunter or man faced with a deer with a crucifix between its horns. This is an image of Saint Hubert (or Saint Hubertus).

Funny poems and prayers for Deer Hunting

The Deer Hunter’s Prayer isn’t a funny poem, as it was first designed to ask for forgiveness and overwatch from God, but several versions have emerged that offer humorous accounts. It’s important to find a prayer or poem that fits the occasion at hand.

Deer hunting camps can have multiple versions for serious moments and times of cutting up. Funerals should stick to the serious versions unless a celebration of life ceremony is geared toward funny stories.

Wrapping Up… Deer Hunters Prayer Poem

The Deer Hunter’s Prayer is a poem seeking divine guidance during the hunting season. It emphasizes a respectful harvest and the importance of not wasting any part of the deer.

This prayer is universal; anyone going hunting can recite it, irrespective of their faith. It’s a way to acknowledge and seek blessings for the hunt.

Before hunting, consider having a copy of this prayer with you. With such blessings, we hope for a safe and fruitful hunting season.