Deer Hunting

Our deer hunting takes place in the most sought after area for trophy bucks in our region, Northwestern Oklahoma. We offer a very limited number of deer hunts each year on these well-managed properties. Trophy quality bucks are numerous and hunters should expect to see many bucks to choose from. Need proof? Have a look at some of our recent deer hunts.

Hunting in Northwestern Oklahoma is gaining a reputation for one of the best values in trophy whitetail deer hunting in the nation. Large tracts of private land have been an untapped resource on some farms for generations. We hunt some of the most productive river bottom habitat in the state, near Cherokee, Oklahoma. We offer Bow, Black Powder and Rifle hunts for resident and non-resident hunters.

We added an 800 acre bow hunting only property in the 2005 season. This well-managed farm is just 2 miles south of the famous Kansas Unit 16 and is part of the same river system that produced a 206″ monster whitetail buck in 2004. The spring reveals at least 3 bucks which dropped sheds that will score into the 160′s. There are some true bruiser bucks on this property. The most prevalent characteristic in this herd is heavy main beams with a tendency toward massive bases. Taking a 150 class buck on this property is a real possibility for those hunters who choose to pass on smaller bucks and match wits against mature deer.

Hunting is done from strategically located ladder and tripod stands in and along the river bottoms and grain fields. Corn/protein feeders supplement the available browse. All hunts are for 5 days, with lodging included in the fee. A guide will assist you in the hunt, making sure you are in the best spots each day. Bow hunts are semi-guided, while black powder and rifle hunts are fully guided. You DO NOT have to put in for a lottery-style draw to obtain a license for these hunts. Tags are available over the counter in just about any sporting goods store throughout the state.

Ducks n Bucks works hard to make sure your trip will be a hunt to remember.