Louisiana Hunting Season 2024 Dates & Details

Did you know that Louisiana offers a hunting season that spans from mid-September to mid-February, providing ample opportunities for hunting enthusiasts? Louisiana Hunting Season 2024 promises an exciting lineup of hunting methods and diverse game species, making it a must-visit destination for hunters across the United States. In this article, we will delve into the dates and regulations of the upcoming hunting season, ensuring you are well-prepared for an unforgettable hunting experience in Louisiana.

Before embarking on your hunting journey, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission’s regulations. This governing body sets the hunting season dates and regulations, ensuring the sustainability and conservation of wildlife populations. By adhering to these regulations, hunters can play a vital role in preserving Louisiana’s rich hunting heritage for future generations.

The Louisiana Hunting Season 2024 encompasses various hunting methods such as archery, primitive weapons, firearms (still-hunt), firearms (with or without dogs), and youth/veterans hunting. Each method has its designated dates, allowing hunters to choose their preferred style of hunting. However, it is essential to note that specific areas may have unique regulations, so be sure to check the regulations for the area you plan to hunt in.

Continue reading to discover the specific details of the Louisiana Hunting Season 2024, including migratory game birds, turkey and small game hunting, and the highly anticipated deer hunting season. Whether you are a seasoned hunter or a beginner, Louisiana offers an abundance of hunting opportunities that cater to every skill level.

Louisiana Hunting Season 2024: Migratory Game Birds

In Louisiana Hunting Season 2024, hunters have the opportunity to pursue a variety of migratory game birds. This section provides an overview of the specific dates and bag limits for various bird species, including doves, rails, gallinules, snipe, woodcock, teal, ducks, coots, and mergansers.

Dove Hunting

Dove hunting in Louisiana is divided into two zones: the North Zone and the South Zone, each with its own season dates and bag limits. Hunters can enjoy the thrill of dove hunting in these designated regions, but it is essential to adhere to the regulations set for each zone.

Other Migratory Game Birds

In addition to doves, Louisiana offers opportunities for hunting rails, gallinules, snipe, and woodcock. These species have specific season dates and bag limits, ensuring sustainable hunting practices and conservation efforts.

For waterfowl enthusiasts, teal, ducks, coots, and mergansers present exciting hunting opportunities. The East Zone and West Zone in Louisiana have different hunting seasons and bag limits for these waterfowl species. It is important for hunters to review the hunting regulations brochure to ensure compliance with the specific guidelines for each zone.

By following the Louisiana hunting regulations and being aware of the migratory game bird seasons and bag limits, hunters can enjoy successful and responsible hunting experiences. The hunting regulations brochure provides detailed information on species-specific regulations, allowing hunters to plan their hunts accordingly.


Louisiana Hunting Season 2024: Turkey and Small Game

In Louisiana Hunting Season 2024, hunters have the opportunity to pursue turkey and small game species across different areas. Understanding the specific dates and bag limits for each type of game is crucial for a successful hunting experience. Let’s explore the details of turkey hunting, as well as quail, rabbit, and squirrel hunting in Louisiana.

Turkey Hunting in Louisiana

Turkey hunting season in Louisiana varies depending on the hunting areas. There are separate seasons for Areas A, B, and C, providing hunters with ample opportunities to target this iconic game bird. It is important to refer to the hunting regulations brochure to ensure compliance with the specific season dates and bag limits for turkey hunting.

Quail Hunting in Louisiana

Louisiana offers exciting quail hunting opportunities for enthusiasts. While specific dates and bag limits may vary, it is essential for hunters to consult the hunting regulations brochure to determine the hunting season for quail. Whether you enjoy hunting these birds individually or with a group, Louisiana’s diverse landscapes offer excellent habitats for quail.

Rabbit Hunting in Louisiana

For those interested in rabbit hunting, Louisiana provides an abundance of opportunities. With specific season dates and bag limits, rabbit hunting enthusiasts can enjoy the thrill of the chase. Be sure to consult the hunting regulations brochure to stay informed about the details for rabbit hunting in Louisiana.

Squirrel Hunting in Louisiana

Squirrel hunting is a popular pursuit in Louisiana, offering a challenging and rewarding experience. The hunting season for squirrels has specific dates and bag limits that hunters must adhere to. Consult the hunting regulations brochure for comprehensive information on squirrel hunting in Louisiana.

By familiarizing yourself with the hunting regulations and following the set guidelines, you can make the most of your turkey and small game hunting adventures in Louisiana.

Louisiana turkey hunting

Louisiana Hunting Season 2024: Deer Hunting

Louisiana Hunting Season 2024 presents an exciting opportunity for deer hunters. With the state divided into 10 areas, each with its own specific season dates and regulations, hunters have a variety of options to explore. Whether you prefer archery, primitive firearms, still-hunt with firearms, or hunting with or without dogs, there is a method to suit every hunter’s preference.

It is crucial for hunters to familiarize themselves with the bag limits and tagging requirements for deer hunting in their specific area. By adhering to the regulations, hunters ensure the conservation and sustainable management of the deer population in Louisiana.

Louisiana deer hunting

Deer hunting season in Louisiana offers hunters the opportunity to pursue white-tailed deer, which are abundant in the state’s diverse habitats. These majestic creatures provide a thrilling challenge for both seasoned hunters and newcomers to the sport.

For a comprehensive understanding of the regulations and specific season dates for each area in Louisiana, hunters should consult the official hunting regulations brochure. It provides essential information about Louisiana deer hunting, ensuring a safe, enjoyable, and successful hunting experience.

Area Method Start Date End Date
Area 1 Archery September 15 January 15
Area 1 Primitive Firearms October 1 January 31
Area 1 Firearms (Still-Hunt) November 21 January 3
Area 1 Firearms (With or Without Dogs) November 21 December 13
Area 2 Archery October 15 January 31
Area 2 Primitive Firearms November 21 January 3
Area 2 Firearms (Still-Hunt) December 2 December 15
Area 3 Archery October 1 January 31
Area 3 Primitive Firearms November 21 January 15
Area 3 Firearms (Still-Hunt) December 2 January 15

Note: The table provides a sample of season dates and methods for deer hunting in different areas of Louisiana. For a complete and detailed list of season dates, bag limits, and tagging requirements, refer to the hunting regulations brochure.


Louisiana Hunting Season 2024 provides an array of exciting opportunities for avid hunters. With its diverse game species and various hunting methods, Louisiana has established itself as one of the best hunting destinations in the country. To ensure a safe and successful hunting experience, it is imperative for hunters to obtain the required hunting licenses and diligently follow the hunting regulations set forth by the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission.

Whether you’re interested in pursuing migratory game birds, turkey and small game, or deer, Louisiana has something to offer for every hunter. The state boasts some of the finest hunting spots, allowing you to immerse yourself in breathtaking natural landscapes while pursuing your hunting passions.

Planning your hunting adventures in Louisiana becomes effortless with the Louisiana Hunting Calendar for 2024. This invaluable resource provides specific dates for each hunting season, enabling you to stay well-informed and capitalize on the optimal times for your preferred game and hunting method. So, mark your calendars and get ready for an unforgettable hunting experience in Louisiana!